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“Easier said than done”

On Mondays, perhaps, on several occasions, you might be accustomed to peek at an inspiring thought or a video clip that I present. The intent is to get rid of the Monday blues. Moreover, I am a victim of Monday blues. It started when I was in school, but unfortunately continues to bother me till date; though I appreciate each day of my job. I believe my below average grades at school and the aversion to academics were the primary contributors. Furthermore, several of my teachers, during the course of my schooling, generally, disliked students who didn’t study well. It is also one of the reasons for my distaste to go to school on Mondays. However, this Monday I present a video that might depress you and yet inspire you– I hope so.

It reminds me of a saying, “Easier said than done.” Aren’t we accustomed to impart free advice? Yes, most of us do that! We are always all set to do that without inhibitions. I also doubt that granting unencumbered advice dwells in our DNA. Nonetheless, we need to tread a step back and think what we just said. Perhaps, the complimentary contributed proposal that we convey to others equally applies to us.

It is fascinating to know that we mindlessly dictate to others. However, we find ourselves powerless and in dire straits when we are faced with the same predicament.

Watch the video. You will not dislike it.

4 thoughts on ““Easier said than done”

  1. Yes sir… as you rightly said.. advicing is easy.. as tongue doesnt have bones.. it takes a lot more of you to actually practice what you preach..

    Well said.. keep posting..:-)

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