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Eat Foods Sweetened By Nature

The book titled Strong Curves:  A Women’s Guide To Building A better Butt And Body possess several healthy ideas that can be absorbed to your daily lifestyle.  One such thought is to not consume sugar and sweets.  I endorse the view of the author Bret Contreras.  I stopped eating sugar and sweets since one year or so.  However, I tend to cheat sometimes, and consume a cup of ice cream whenever I feel the urge to eat sweet—I do own a sweet tooth.

On a similar note, most of the times, I eat fruits to satiate my craving for sweets.   Moreover, Bret says, “Nature sweetens plenty of our foods for us, so to make those your first choices when looking to satisfy your sugar cravings.”    Sugar and sweets contain loads of empty calories.  They can wreak havoc by increasing the onset of diabetes very early.  The pancreas produce a large quantity of insulin to your blood stream to tackle the high glucose level caused  by consuming sugar and sweets.  Moreover, sugar and sweets are simple form of carbohydrates, which turn into glucose very easily.   On a similar note, dieticians demand you to consume complex carbohydrates, for the nature of such carbohydrate doesn’t spike the insulin level.  However, simple carbohydrates such as sugar and sweets increase the insulin levels.  Moreover, people who are beauty conscious beware–sugar and sweets causes fat gain masking your curves.

Go sugarless for six months or so.  Try to recognize the difference it brings.  On the flipside, this can also turn out an efficient way to know more about your body.  Moreover, you have nothing to lose.

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