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Eating Healthy

I have spoken to several gym clients of mine regarding healthy eating.    So many of them fail to eat healthy.  Perhaps, you can eat healthy for a few days, but can you continue to do that?  The elementary question is, why do you fail to eat healthy?  Why do you fall prey to the demonic habits you would have developed from a long-time? While I ruminate on why you fail to eat healthy, I can pigeon hole on a few important factors for your down fall.

           Support System

I believe, most of you suffer and fail to eat healthy, for you lack a support system.  Imagine that you possess a support system that encourages a healthy lifestyle—healthy eating.  Chances are you won’t fail, but you might successfully continue to eat healthy for a long-time.

A support system consists of people who you surround.  For example, it can be your spouse and children.  You don’t want a wife who nags you to eat unhealthy foods.  Assume her avoiding fried-greasy food stuffs, chocolates, cakes, etc.  Wouldn’t it be a blessing? It can only be possible if you stick to eating healthy; thereby setting up an example for her and the children to follow suit.


Yes, I did mean the fridge.  How many of you would visit the refrigerator often to grab a piece of chocolate, biscuit, or some desert to satiate your carving?  I believe most of you would. Moreover, you are most likely actually not hungry when you frequent the fridge.  But, is that helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle?   So folks, while you visit the grocery store be mindful of the food stuffs you buy which could  go into the fridge.  Buy food but not food products.  Want to know the difference click here

Skipping breakfast or skipping meals

Countless studies have shown that eating breakfast offers a lot of health benefits.  Nonetheless, if you have  planned to skip the breakfast for a reason, for example intermittent fasting, or primal dieting, you may do so.  Otherwise, it would be foolhardy to skip your breakfast, for the breakfast has a significant impact in maintaining your energy level and reaching your fitness and health goals.

Having a well-balanced, mid-day meal keeps your energy level high and helps you make better decisions, not only in work but also in terms of food choices later in the day.  Or else it can lead to binge eating, which is the last thing you want—binge eating and eating healthy, an oxymoron.

Emotional eating

Emotional eating is one of the most dangerous eating habits. Many of us also turn to food to relieve stress or cope with unpleasant emotions such as sadness or boredom.  So emotional food eating or stress eating is using food to make yourself feel better rather than to satisfy  hunger.  However, after eating you feel even worse.

No matter how powerless you feel over food and your feelings, it is possible to make a positive change.  Learning to eat mindfully is one of the best ways to tackle emotional eating.  Also, you need to ask why I am eating even if I’m not hungry.  And, importantly, can I put down my food and just reflect on my emotional state for 5 minutes?

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