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Effect Of Water On Your Performance.

  • By Vishwanthar on Nutrition

  • December 21, 2010

Increased cell hydration has a leverage effect on your strength levels.  On the same lines, you cannot perform at your best when you are dehydrated.  For example, can you sprint or jog at your best when you are dehydrated?  Definitely no.  Now considering the effect of water from a gym parlance,  when your body cells are  better hydrated, the stronger your lifts will be, for the heavier you lift, the greater the training effect.  If the fluid volume of the muscle is to the fullest, you will express greater strength.  Period.

On a few occasions when I didn’t hydrate my body with the required intake of water, my lifting did suffer, for I was unable to force my body to lift as heavy as I thought I could, though I was mentally well prepared to go all out.  So, water has a tremendous training effect.

We strength athletes take absolute care to eat, train, and recuperate in the right way, but we tend to forget to care about the basic essentials such as water re-hydration. For, the next time when you think you are unable to train at your best, think about your water intake.

2 thoughts on “Effect Of Water On Your Performance.

  1. Chief, what is your take on sipping rehydrators like getorade when performing heavy lifts or cardio? Cause I have experienced thirst during these time, when I drink water I will need a lot but when I drink getorade I will need a couple of sips.

  2. Anand, sports drink may help, but I would stick with plain water. If you feel you need a lot of water go for it, for you should not train being thirsty. You cannot be at your best.

    Eating, training, and recuperation should be kept as simple as possible.

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