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Emotion And Instinct

“The great secret of passion is an emotionally compelling purpose.”  Robin Sharma.

I believe what Robin says is genuine. Yes, without that emotional drive it is hard to cling on to something.  You got to be emotionally attached to do anything day in and day out.   On a similar note, many newbies who join the gym perhaps cannot connect with the physical routine.  Indeed!  They will not last long.  However, what we need to question ourselves is why we are foreign to physicality?  It is one of the primal desire to move—exercise, yet we forget the instinctive trait and dismiss the natures call.  Probably it is because of wrong stimulation—wrong food, wrong lifestyle habits, etc. In other words, we are being bombarded with external forces—stimulation and forget our roots.

I believe emotionally we have to be connected.  So we need to find our roots.  Our instinct shouts loud that physical exercise is essential to nourish the body.  However, we knowingly or unknowingly neglect and forget our true nature.  This reminds me of what Fabienne Fredrickson says.  He says, “The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”

Nonetheless, we forget our true calling.  I believe if we contemplate on our lives we will know that something is missing.  When you are not exercising physically you are not happy with yourself.  Perhaps, that’s a warning signal.  Moreover, several of us are naïve to physical activity.  It shows that we have masked the true calling and are being wrongly stimulated.

What is the take home message?  Be passionate about physical activity, for it is your calling.  I believe if you start being passionate eventually all things fall into place.  You can lead a harmonious life.  Moreover, I strongly believe that there is a connection between emotion and instinct.

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