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Endorsing My Views

It is my gut feeling when I see fat and plump kids that something invariably is wrong. Ha! Now when I stumble across a study which exactly endorses my view with further briefing, I can breathe a sigh of relief.

“Studies suggest that overweight kids are highly likely to become overweight adults and consequently suffer from serious health problems and life-threatening diseases.”

Yes, I believe, and I have rarely encountered a fat and obese individual in childhood who in the later part of his life metamorphosed to a lean and fit individual. On the contrary, most of the obese children end up being a fat slob; thereby, enduring all the health ailments that come with excess fat on your physical frame. Allow me to name a few diseases that continue to affect you for a lifetime—diabetes, blood pressure, and so comes all the ailments related to these two silent killers—diabetic retinopathy (damage to retina caused by diabetes that can lead to blindness), diabetic neuropathy (a family of nerve disorders caused by diabetes), kidney ailments leading to kidney failure, brain damage, and last but not the least several heart diseases, etc.

What do you think is the possible solution? Eating healthy and nutritious food and exercising regularly. If you consistently carry out these two responsibities as a daily chore, I honestly believe that you can keep all these diseases at bay.

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