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English Lessons and Life Lessons

Todd was the one who told me that I should host a website, and  demanded me to write articles. He taught me many facets of writing English which also included punctuation and grammar, as he felt it essential for me to express better. He initially helped me with editing my writing, but he was too busy to help me any further. But he regularly shows his displeasure whenever I go wrong in my English and reminds me to remember whatever I have learnt, so that I don’t repeat the mistakes.
My quest to learn English had started the day I had hosted my website. Though I don’t remember the exact date, it is nearing two years since my website was created. On the behest of Todd I had to lookout for a tutor who taught me how to write English here in my place, as Todd felt that he could not teach me further via email correspondence. I am referring here to technical writing which includes all the intricacies of the language, as what we are taught in our schools is of no use when it comes to writing good English.
I did find two of them who taught me to write. Regrettably, the first teacher I found after a few days of attending her classes that I could teach her a few technical aspects of writing instead of she teaching me. My second teacher named Iris Devadason is a great lady with immense knowledge about writing. She has also authored a book in writing English. She is a retired professor who taught English in the Theosophical College. I did visit her for many sessions and learnt a great deal about grammar. Unfortunately, she had to leave Bangalore and had to travel to America for her Brother’s birthday. I then didn’t have the patience to visit her place again, as she stayed very far from my place. I had to travel one hour to reach her place and an hour to come back and also the traffic was arduous.

My quest to learn and write better English still continues the same way I try to learn more about the body, mind, and soul. Todd has asked me to practice writing a few pages everyday from a book. He has told me that it should be a book which will help me in my science based writing. I have been practicing writing for a longtime, and I can state that it has helped me to write better. He has also asked me to read aloud, as he feels that to be a very valuable practice. But I so damn forget that advice.
The idea of hosting a website and to learn writing for the sake of writing articles in the website, though was forced upon me now seems to have turned into a passion. What I mean is that writing has become pleasurable, though I sometimes find it  painful. I would like to quote Robert Heinlein, as his quote sounds more relevant to me at this time; he says, “In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.”  Let us give our best in our endeavors, as we all have endowed with unlimited potential.
PS: Any grammatical mistakes in any of my writings should please be pardoned.

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    1. Kitti, Elements of Style is a must. It is a small book, but has a great deal of information in it. The Pen commandments by Steven Frank is a nice read. On Writing Well by William Zinsser is also a good book. There are many more, but this will suffice.

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