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Enticed By Steriods

I stumbled upon this video, accidentally.  However, I want to share this with you.  Perhaps, the present generation has something to learn from the story.  I have heard several similar stories, but I would like to mention that this guy has gone through a lot.  Even in my journey of physicality several times I found enticed by steroids.  I would see some of my fellow aficionados who were using steroids.  The gains were tremendous within a short span of time.

However, the one and only question that I asked was, what was the purpose of me getting into strength training?  I clearly knew that the depression was the primary reason that I started bodybuilding.  The irritable bowel syndrome had marred my psychological wellbeing and caused unabated depression. Strength training was an ideal choice, as I was introduced to it by my maternal uncles when I was child. Moreover, it was an intuitive feeling that lifting weights would help in my physical and mental wellbeing. Nevertheless, strength training was about getting fit and healthy first.  Gaining muscle would be a mere by product.  Now after almost twenty years of lifting weights, I can declare that strength training helps you tremendously in being sane.

On a similar note, I am very fortunate to declare that I never succumbed and used steroids.  However, I use supplements such as whey protein fish oil, BCAA and glutamine.  These supplements are very legal and are also recommended by nutritionists.   Moreover, for example, fish oil can be a boon to your aching joints and glutamine good for your gut health. Nonetheless, using supplements can be alluring, so use your discretion.

Now, the primary reason for you to watch the video is perhaps you would have similar interests.  So a shortcut to more muscle is tempting you.  But behold! Moreover, on a similar note, a gym client stated a story which had occurred in the gym several years before.  One of my gym clients, who frequents even now, was a newbie a decade ago.  He was eager to go to the next level after few months of gymming.  He had asked my assistance to build fast and herculean muscles, as he had found that steroids would help him achieve that.  I had brushed aside the idea and had spoken to him about few known adverse effects.  Fortunately, he listened to me, and it’s encouraging to see him workout till date.  Who knows what would have occurred if he had used steroids?  Most likely, he would have ended up like the man in the video.  However, the person in the video has managed to escape from the vicious cycle, and has again started to enjoy the benefit of strength training.  But how many of them are lucky enough to get back on track?

Lastly, I know the video is more than 20 minutes long, but don’t neglect it.    Do watch it, for I believe it’s very educative.

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