Envious! This is a brilliant display of strength, agility, and coordination. You will see a man who is either strong or only flexible. But when both or, for the better, several other fitness components are entwined in an individual, he can be declared as a complete and unrestrictive athlete. Two such individuals with whom I had the opportunity and the privilege to interact are Ross (email correspondence) and Ido Portal (personal). They are the hallmark of strength, speed,endurance, agility, coordination, etc. They both defy the conventional wisdom, which states that any one of the fitness constituents can be pursued. For example, you can gain strength or be proficient at endurance sport. This belief is completely brushed aside by these men.

If you watch the video, you can also see a combination of several fitness components, and, yes, I am envious of these men. Ha!

I thank Lazar Angelov for sharing this video.

Click on the above link to watch it.

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