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Excessive Indulgence Continued.

  • By Vishwanthar on Nutrition

  • January 28, 2011

As a continuation of my  blog entry titled, “Excessive Indulgence” the remedial measures which I consider in the gym are simple steps of manipulating the diet and regular exercise.  You all by now know about Vineeth and Madhavi who lost 33 kilos in 9 months and 18 kilos in 6 months, respectively.  I would like to state how they brought in the necessary changes in those months.  Moreover, they both continue to be lean and fit till today.  Vineeth happens to frequent the gym even now, and it is heartening to watch him getting stronger day by day, for he is able to perform pullups. Gymmers do recognize the difficulty in executing a pullup. When it comes to squat and deadlift, he is truly becoming stronger.

Coming back to  the discussion on what steps were considered by them, first and foremost they were asked to be regular to the gym, secondly to eat small quantities of protein in each and every meal, for protein has an excellent thermogenic effect.  Protein is at the top of the hierarchy, as far as thermogenic effect goes.  Approximately an whooping 30% of  the calories you consume from protein are used in the digesting of the protein.  Also, more importantly protein helps in suppressing your appetite. However, it should be known that dietary fat has the lowest thermic effect, for consuming excess dietary fat leads to more fat gain.

Lastly, eating more  vegetables and greens rather than indulging in consuming more carbohydrates–was and is–always recommended.  In addition, when proteins, vegetables, and greens are added in a diet, people can start consuming a little less of carbohydrates, for the affinity of carbohydrates turning into fat is more.  By adding vegetables and greens with protein we get the necessary bulk needed to bring in the required satiety of consuming food.

Above all, it is always beneficial to consume less food in general for better health and longevity.  I repeat, consuming less food in general is beneficial but will not apply to everyone.  For example, athletes will have to consume more nutrients, as the energy expenditure is more.

PS:  Check my previous blog entry titled “Who Is Vineeth”?  to know more about Vineeth, and forgive me for I don’t have any photos of Madhavi to showcase her achievement.

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