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Excessive Indulgence.

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • January 24, 2011

Indian typical diet is predominantly carbohydrate based.  Presumably, because majority of the Indian populace depend on cultivating land which requires a lot of physical energy.  The required energy can be derived by consuming large number of carbohydrates.  Agreed that land cultivators who have to toil for long hours in the fields need more food to sustain and labor.  But I believe that won’t apply to people who live in urban India.  Majority of city dwellers would not be involved in any manual labour.  Most of us would have jobs where we sit for long hours or perhaps travel for long hours. Urbanisation is demanding us to reevaluate  our diets, for we don’t require as much food, which is required by people who live in rural India, for the above stated reason.  Have you come across a person who cultivates land and is obese at the same time?  Obesity plainly applies to people who live in cities.

In addition, even though we don’t require more food, we gobble more food than what is necessary, which  is the major contributing factor for fat gain.  In addition, as we age our metabolism slacks.  When we consume more food coupled with a decline in metabolism, it causes rapid fat gain.  What do you think is the way out?  To eat how much ever is required and to exercise regularly,and more importantly to never indulge in binging.

Another major contributing factor for fat gain among city dwellers is fast food.  When it comes to fast foods, they  do not have any place in our diet schedule.  They clearly facilitate fat gain.  Take for example sweets, what place do they have in our daily diets?  Sweets are prepared during festivals and were a rarity, but now since there is no scarcity of food and money, eating sweets has become a daily ritual.

Lastly, coming back to eating excess carbohydrates which is unnecessary, the affinity of carbohydrates turning into fat is more.  So, never indulge in eating more carbohydrates.

PS:  Answer me, how many of you have ate  sweets, fried food stuff, bakery products, chocolates, or ice-cream over the last week?  If your answer is yes, you know why you are gaining fat.

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  1. Hi

    You are not wrong there at all. Tell someone they eat too much and they get annoyed and launch onto a longwinded lecture of how little they eat and how they sacrifice….. and so on……………………….

    As a matter of fact, I tell my patients that what they eat is actually too much for what work they do! And its so true!


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