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“Physical movement is of course one of our most fundamental forms of expression” says Frank Forencich the author of the book Exuberant Animal. I wholeheartedly endorse his views. Well, it is secondary if we think physical exercise as a means to lose weight and get in shape. We might also forget that for many of us, movement is first and foremost a way to tell a story. I believe if you introspect, you might come to know that physical movement is beyond what you think. It is not a target, which you have to reach. It is expressing yourself and saying who you are.

On a similar note, I vividly remember when one of my gym clients had asked me, “From where do you find the motivation to workout day in day out for many long years?” Yes, I am working out since 15 years, and I still continue to work out vigorously. I believe that physical exercise/movement is one of the surest ways to express my story. Likewise, I quit practicing law, as I was unable to express myself. 5 months of law practice inhibited my expression, which was intolerable. Now, here I am a fitness coach who was supposed to be a lawyer.

I believe we are all here to tell our stories. However, the story telling is masked and the expression is suppressed. Such negative out comes can be unhealthy for the immune system. However, whatsoever the form of exercise, expression is paramount to health and wellbeing. Physical activity is being in tune with Mother Nature just like eating good food.

What is the moral of the story?

As Frank Forencich says, “The moral to this story is simple: make expression a part of your life and fitness. Get your story out into the world. Say it, tell it, move it, sing it, paint it, play it. Let your voice out. Your body will love for it.”
Yes indeed! A sound body, sounds great right!

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