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Fat Healthy Men

Watch this video. It is awesome. I thank Prasad for sharing this video on Facebook; consequently, one of the reasons for me to stay on Facebook. Some mind-blowing facts are shared there.

Well, allow me to say a few words about the video. Who said that fat people cannot be strong, fit, and healthy? Perhaps, I have said on a few occasions that you have to get lean to stay fit and healthy. I am making a general statement when I state that, as it refers to people who are fat and follow unhealthy eating habits. On the other hand, you can still be strong and healthy being fat. For example, some of my powerlifting friends are fat. Does that mean that they are less functionally fit? No. They are functionally far superior to many of us. The sport demands them to ingest humongous calories. It results in hoisting more weights. Likewise, these men in the video are a synonym of strength.

Moreover, I can bet that the blood profile of these men is in comparison with any other individual you would want to consider. Looks can be deceptive. Beware.

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