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Fat Loss Journey

One of the significant presuppositions which give the impression for fat gain among kids is because of forced feeding. Unfortunately, as children our parents coerce us to eat till our stomachs are full, for they very well think that children should be fat; it is assumed to be a sign of towering prosperity. It accordingly suggests them that their children are healthy. It is acceptable as a growing body needs nutrients in abundance, but what befalls when we stop growing? Our metabolic rate declines as we age resulting in increasing fat deposition. Most of us and our parents don’t realize the metabolic- rate-decline adherence, and for the worst disregard and take it for granted when it comes to healthy living.

Alas! We evade realizing what waits next for us, for unanticipated we understand that we have outgrown ourselves: Cramped trousers and shirts. As a result, we go in search of unreal diet solutions which would do the trick. We don’t realize that the fat gain has happened over a period many years because of over eating and lack of physical activity. What we normally ate all these days has brought in the changes, so not by altering the diet for some fixed duration is the solution. In addition, the fat gaining process will continue to progress, as we were physically active when we were young, but the scenario changes when we set out into professional courses and jobs, as life becomes busier. We habitually turnout to be career oriented, start to despise our bodies more and feed it with whatever we get our hands on. Lack of physical activity and not being conscious about the calorie consumption will result in fat gain sooner than we realize. What is required is a lifestyle change. A change in lifestyle means to change the thinking that we are not born to eat; making healthy choices when it comes to food selection, and not indulging in excessive alcohol consumption or better to quit drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, and avoiding junk and processed foods. These are some of the changes we need to consider to live a healthy life with lesser diseases. A lifestyle change will do wonders when it comes to preventing diseases like diabetes and blood pressure, as these two silent killers have been well known to wreck havoc in our lives.

As a kid I played outdoor games. Many of us would have played out door games, but it is now a pathetic state with many kids, as they watch television and play computer games rather than play outdoors. As Ross ( tells that it is natural for kids to play out, but not so if they are watching television all day. We all know that children need to play and be physically active for better health, growth, and well being. Moreover, kids follow the lead of their parents. They try to imitate their guardians and the act of imitation is what helps in shaping their future lives. I as a parent try my best and see to it that my daughter is physically active, and I am always at hand to be so. I am very happy to watch my daughter imitate me and display some of the routines (gym) which I perform. Being physically active should be of greatest importance for kids, as it helps them to lead a constructive life.


When it comes to food selection, we as parents and individuals have to make healthy choices. I have seen many parents pampering their kids with fried food stuff and chocolates. It is fine to treat children with these foods occasionally, but parents unquestionably have to keep a check and see that the kids don’t consume these foods much frequently. Lois McMaster Bujold, an American author of science and fiction, rightly says, “Children might or might not be a blessing, but to create them and then fail them was surely damnation.” Since I have spoken about a lifestyle change, what positive statement are we making to our kids by teaching them to eat junk food tirelessly?

In the first place, it is the duty of a parent to gather basic knowledge about consuming healthy foods. An internet search would suggest us about the healthy food choices we need to make when it comes to food selection, but it is lack of interest which prevents a parent to disrespect the health of themselves and their children. Remember, the little one is always trying to imitate and learn from us. We as parents should set up the right example and get off our asses and be physically active and lead our kids in the right direction.

PS: Fundamentally, we all assume that diseases like diabetes and blood pressure are destined to materialize sooner or later. It is regrettable that we refuse to realize that these diseases can be prevented as long as we live by being physically active and consuming healthy food.

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  1. hi coach,

    It is also one of my dreams to teach my boy all the skills i have learned in life,and about importance of exercise but i am pretty sure he will never listen to me. he he 🙂

    1. HA! Prithwin, You are already sure that it is going to be a boy. Whatever, you will be setting up good example for him or her.

  2. yes he will be handsome martial arts instructor who is a good musician and artist also and has awesome body 🙂

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