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Fat Loss Routines

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • April 9, 2015

Every year at Ironcult there are a bunch of guys (few additions) who engage in fat loss routines during the onset of summer.  The regimen ends in the month of October, as winter sets in.  Winter is the time for us to maintain the body weight or perhaps put on a few pounds.  It is not the ideal time to lose weight.  On the flipside, summer is the ideal time to burn fat.

Men who engage in fat loss routines are usually asked to perform complexes (whole body movement like squats, deadlift, clean and press, bench press, etc.), HIIT, and running.  These three integrated together is a good recipe for fat loss.  All these years when I structured the routine for a complex, I asked them to execute the same complex, perhaps with minor tweaks, again and again.

However, now I willingly spice up the routine since we can get bored performing the same routine. Dan John’s Never Let Go is one of the books I usually refer when I am short of ideas.  He has outlined several workouts in the book, which I sometimes include in the fat loss routines.  Nonetheless, in the preface of his book Dan suggests and sums up like this:

  • The Body is One Piece.
  • There are three kinds of strength training:

Putting weight overhead

Picking it off the ground

Carrying it for time or distance

  • All training is complementary



Damn!  So true!  You have it right there.  What is the take home message?  Don’t complicate your routines.   Perhaps, you use different tools to push, pull, and lift.   In the end, they all fall in the three kinds of strength training, more or less.  So, keep it simple.

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