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Final Thoughts on the Body Types

Allow me to summarize the discussion that we embarked on: the three body types. Although I spoke about only three body types I have indicated that there may be several others also. For example, I am an ecto/mesomorph. My genetic traits suggest me that I am an ectomorph, for I have a fast metabolism. Moreover, losing fat isn’t difficult for me and that indicates that I am an ectomorph and not an endomorph, whatsoever. You should remember that endomorphs have a tough time to lose fat.

I also have mesomorph qualities. I am relatively strong in some physical movements and Whenever I consume the required amount of calories I easily gain muscle. Also, whenever I consume excess calories I have a tendency to gain fat, which suggests me that I have mesomorph qualities. It should be known that mesomorphs gain fat easily than ectomorphs.

I have seen several individuals who have a blend of two body types: Endo/mesomorph, meso/endomorph, or meso/ectomorph. However, I believe most of the individuals either fall into the ectomorph type or the endomorph type. It is uncommon to see a mesomorph more often. Likewise, your true body type may be masked because of your lifestyle. For example, many ectomorphs, who were lean before graduation, may have transfigured to a fat and plump endomorph. What I am trying to say is that there are several variables that are considered before you recognize a body type.

You may belong to any of the body types. However, when you continue to eat according to your requirement and weight train intelligently you are bound to overcome your genetic predisposition.

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