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Finding It Difficult to sleep

First and foremost don’t watch the television.  It can act as a stimulant and force you to be awake for few more hours.  Moreover, it can also kick up your cortisol levels.  You should know that cortisol is a stress hormone released in your body when you are under stress.  Your body perceives to be under stress while you are awake watching TV.   Moreover, night time is meant for sleep not activity.  Perhaps, watching a documentary might put you to sleep.  However, it might not induce sleep if you watch an action packed movie or some scintillating crime news.  Watching television and working on your laptop will only help you to stay awake.

Secondly, never get argumentative when you want to go to sleep.  Your brain becomes very active and falling asleep becomes difficult.  Moreover,   as Eric Falstrault in his book titled The Strength Code says, “Being able to recognize the early sign of sleep disturbance is the key.”  I second his views.  Moreover, I believe you will have to prepare yourself to get asleep.  Also, recognizing sleep disturbance and preparing to go to sleep go hand in hand.   Nonetheless, you will have to look out for ways to calm the mind and carry your mind away from activity.  Getting argumentative when you are supposed to go to bed is one of the worst things to get into.  I have personally examined that it puts off my sleep by at least 2 or 3 hours.

Lastly, I believe reading a boring book under dimmed light might help induce your sleep.  Try that and let me know.  However, for example, don’t end up reading a mystery novel and induce brain activity at that hour.

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