Vishwanthar M Ramaiah


I am Vishwanthar Ramaiah, owner & fitness trainer of a modest but fulfilling fitness center, the Iron Cult, in Bangalore, India. Since I am the owner and one of  the instructor of the gym it makes me doubly responsible to teach my gym clients the right approach.  I am also an International sports sciences association (ISSA) certified fitness trainer, a barefoot training specialist and a kettle bell instructor.  I have also have had the experience of training under giants like Ido portal(Singapore) and Steve atlas (online training). Moreover, the continuous research I conduct through books, peers, coaches, and internet help me update on the latest fitness trends.  Last but not the least, I am a highly motivated individual with an intense desire to workout, so although I am 40 years old you will see a fit person in me.

Why do you think I quit my law practice?  Although I am a lawyer by  profession my passion to physical culture pulled me to become a fitness trainer.  Lastly, twelve years of operating the gym has taught me several things about training and continues to teach me even now.

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In addition to the personal fitness trainer certification that I was awarded from the International Sports Sciences Association, I also have a Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition.  So get your exercise and diet tips from me through my blog.

Some Personal Information

I have been infatuated with the fitness lifestyle ever since I was a small child, having been greatly inspired by my maternal Uncle Narayana, an avid weight lifter and farmer, who resided in my native land Maddur, a friendly city roughly 80 kilometers from Bangaluru. My brother Chaitra and I looked forward to watching him and his Brother, the late Doctor Ramakrishna, perform vigorous dumbbell routines during our annual summer visits! My enthusiasm for weight training remained steady until I graduated from high school in 1992.

Unfortunately, as is the case for so many people, the post-graduation period was a very volatile time in my life both physically and emotionally. In short, as a result of ingesting contaminated food, I came down with some severe intestinal infections, which in turn prompted irritable bowel syndrome—a condition that depleted my energy and sent me reeling into the throes of a consuming three-year depression. At long last I resolved to get back into weight training, and having done so, I next found myself ensnared in the trap of the mighty EGO—and to fulfill this demonic ego, I needed MUSCLES! LARGE MUSCLES! (However, I am proud to say that I always upheld a high work ethic and never considered steroids an option for my ego-fulfillment.) But since that time, I have learned much. No longer do I idolize large muscles. Rather, I am a staunch advocate for a highly integrated, functional body, and such a body requires strong muscles and low body fat. I promised to be brief, so I will uphold my word and keep my long story short, but for those who are interested in learning more about my personal “fitness odyssey”.

You can also get personal and online training support from me.