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Food and Food Products

  • By Vishwanthar on Health

  • April 28, 2014

This is an excerpt from the book Exuberant animal. The author here recognizes the difference between food and food products.




Variable quality

Goes bad fast

Requires preparation

Vibrant colors, rich texture

Authentically flavorful

Strong connection to land, seasons and culture

Food Product:


Neat, Convenient

Always the same

Keeps forever

Instant results

Dull, Bland

Artificially flavorful

No connection to land, seasons or culture.”

What is the take home message?

You have to choose food over food products. Your bodies weren’t meant to eat food products. For example, as Frank Forencich says’ “Look at it, sniff it, touch it, sniff it again. What is it? It is edible? Will it be tasty? Will it make my body happy or will it make me sick? Animals ask these questions every day; the answer is fundamental to their health and survival.” It means that animals instinctively can make out what is safe and what is not.

Perhaps in the earlier days even humans could trace easily between good and bad food. For example, if a thing smelled and tasted bad, it was probably bad for your body. But now modern predicament forces us where it is hard for the children to make out the difference between food and food products. Many of the food products are advertised and enticed in the best possible way. The food manufacturers allure and suggest you that it is healthy and safe  to consume such a kind of food product.  For example, Lays chips or Diary Milk. I believe the above stated differences might through some light in distinguishing between food and food products.

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