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Food For Thought

Yet again Frank Forencich does it so well. Just when I was feeling that Frank is beating the bush, he does it again to surprise me. I have read all of his books, and I thought he might sound redundant the more he writes. I am wrong in assessing him, for he continues to reawaken me. The book I am studying is called Beautiful Practice. The statements made by Frank are genuinely thought provoking. This excerpt from the book caught my attention. Moreover, I thought to share this information with you, as I believe this might provide you with some food for thought.

I am sure many of you who have embraced the fitness lifestyle would have encountered such conditions. Well, I have bumped upon such circumstances several times. I have also hit the sweet spot (The sweet spot is a place where a combination of factors results in a maximum response for a given amount of effort) of training various times. Thereafter I have again hit the realm of over training again and again. Now, tell me if you have experienced this.

The excerpt:

“This is the value of intense psychophysical challenge. At some point in your life you’ll probably be pushed beyond what you think you’re capable of. Circumstances may force you over the top of the curve, into the realm of over-training, over-stress or overwhelm. So learn your body, find out what you’re capable of, then settle back into the sweet spot of vigorous activity on most days of the week. Your physical education will not be complete until you’ve made this journey.”

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