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Friday Drill. How It Started?

We have been relentlessly performing the Friday drills for many years. I don’t remember the exact day we started these drills. But I will tell you how it started. I enjoyed running right from my school days. And in the year 2005 and 2006, when I was actively competing in bodybuilding competitions running was one of the tool I employed to lose fat. I performed various drills such as 100 meters sprint, 400 meters sprint, fartlek, and distance running. All the above stated drills tremendously helped to achieve a shredded physique. You can view my pictures at the gallery and peek at those various photos, for you can clearly see that my body fat was below 5%.
The above stated drills prompted me to nudge my gym clients to run on a regular basis for the above stated benefits. That is how the Friday drills started. It has not been the same drills since we started. As and when I have experienced new ideas, which were productive I have set out to implement them in these drills. It has been quite a metamorphosis from where we started. Now, the Friday drills calls for various modalities: Kettle bells, sandbags, sledge hammer, tyre flipping and battling, dumbbells, barbells, and the wheel barrow. All the above stated tools are integrated in these Friday drills. Today we filmed one such drill, which you can peruse below.

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  1. Sir friday drill as changed a lot than tht was some few yrs back,i mean when i was taking part in it…….. Ur methods are really good and interesting……

  2. We didn’t film the tyre on that particular day but it is very much a part of the Friday drill. We are asked not to use the prowler and sledge dragging in the ground by the so called stadium authorities.

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