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Friday Fury Continues.

The adjoining video explains what we exactly do on Fridays.  You can see us engaged with the sandbags, tyre, and farmers walk equipment, which is a new addition.  Various movements can  be performed with the sandbags.  As it is visible in the video sandbag bear-hug, clean and press, and burpees with clean and press are exercised.  Nonetheless,  movements with the sandbag is not only restricted to the above stated exercises, for we regularly perform Turkish getup, around the world, sandbag shouldering, swings, throws, and rolls with the bags.

We usually perform tyre flips on Fridays, but today we battled with the tyre.  It turned out to be a very explosive movement for the whole body.  It truly brought out the aggression in us.  Lastly, you can see us sprint in the video, which has been the mainstay of Fridays workouts in the ground.

I can easily bet that you will enjoy viewing the video.  Sameer, a regular Ironcult gym-mer helped me with the shooting and editing of the video.  I would like to thank him for the support he extended.

I do not want to ramble more and bore you anymore, for you know what to do next.

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  1. I heard similar reviews from other guys too. I felt the same with the tyre when we battled with it. Anand, the video is truly inspiring. I don’t know how many times I have watched the video. I never knew the extreme intensity we carry in our workouts.

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