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Friday Workouts Prevail.

I bring you another video which is performed on Fridays.  We have been executing the Friday drills for more than three years.  We have continued to perform these drills irrespective of the weather conditions:  We have even ran on days when it was raining.  In addition, we have also continued to experiment with new training modalities whichever I thought to be functional benefit.  For example, the newly added cones, which you can view in the previous weeks video help us in improving our agility and honing our reflexes.

Enjoy the adjoining video.  And I hope these videos will continue to inspire many of you to get out of the couch and workout regularly.

3 thoughts on “Friday Workouts Prevail.

  1. Hi Vishwa,

    I would be interested in knowing if you workout in Bangalore or another city, anyways would be good to know or train with you people..

    Please let me know. Have a nice weekend,


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