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Functional Training v/s Other forms of Exercises

I firmly believe in performing functional movements,  and would say that bodybuilding like any exercise form is monotonous.  There are a plethora of movements—functional which can be included and experimented with.  Moreover, the functional movement domain is ever growing.  It doesn’t cease to stop.  Pigeonholing functional movement patterns would only suggest that you have a very myopic view of the larger picture.

An excerpt from the book titled Change Your Body Change the World Reflections on Health and Human Predicament written by one of my favorite authors Frank Forencich aptly summarizes my opinion and seconds my views.

He rightly says,

“Exercise tends to be single-plane; functional movement is multi-joint and multi-plane.

Exercise is monotonous; movement is engaging.

Exercise is scripted; movement is spontaneous and opportunistic.

Exercise feels mechanized and forced; movement feels expressive and creative.

Exercise is a means towards an end; movement is an end itself.

Movement is better because it offers more options for physical creativity and expression.  There’s more possibility and more room for the imagination.  It’s more inviting and less adversarial.”

On a similar note, I have been to numerous gyms before I opened my fitness facility.  I can vividly suggest that the retaining ability of my gym is relatively better than other gyms.    My gym clients rarely get bored to execute functional movements.   Moreover, the functional movement continuum is never ending, and it never stops to amaze and rekindle your spirit.


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