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Functionality At Its Best

This is an age where we, physical trainers and coaches, rave about our functional training abilities. Moreover, we never fail to video our physical training attributes. We all want to flaunt ourselves. However, the man in the video will surely humble you. Also, I believe it seems that the man would have not practiced the lift earlier. It apparently feels like a daily chore to him.

The physical act the man performs is functionality at its best. HA! I believe we should hire him as a personal trainer. As Frank Forencich in his book Beautiful Practice says, “Your physical education will not be complete until you’ve made this journey.” I believe the same condition applies in all walks of life. For example, you want to mountaineer the Himalayas. You will possess a fair idea when you talk to a person who has been to the Himalayas; rather than simply read a travel book or obtain tips from a man who has not been to the Himalayas.

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