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Some Thoughts on Spine Health

I said in my previous blog entry that I am sluggish many times in the morning. Perhaps, a scientific reason exists behind the cause. Dr. Stuart McGill, a world renowned lecturer and expert in spine function and injury prevention, has made some tremendous observations on spine stiffness in the early morning. He says that when we lay down to sleep at night, our spine is decompressed, so the intervertebral discs actually collect water. This increased hydration status builds annular—ring shaped tension within the discs, and makes the spine stiffer overall. This isn’t a beneficial kind of stiffness, as more stress is placed on the ligaments and discs than the soft tissue structures that typically protect them.

However, we are creatures of habit. Likewise, habits rule our life. On a similar note, it is also passed on by elders that early morning workouts are rejuvenating. Indeed, mentally you are revitalized when you work out in the morning and may feel refreshed the whole day. Moreover, McGill’s observation also comes to our respite, as he says that after the first hour of being up, the spine dehydrates almost completely. So it is ready for action.
So, mind you, early morning workout can have its pitfalls. Don’t jump into action right after you wake up. Take your time and then move.

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