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Gaining Mass or Getting Lean: Part 2

Allow me to discuss about fat loss. The mantra for this, in gym parlance, is to grind yourself in the gym and try to build lean muscle, for that subsequently boosts your metabolism. A revved up metabolism burns more calories and thus burns more fat. For the same reason lifting weights proves to be paramount and integral to lose fat and build muscle.

Moreover, most of them who want to burn fat are endomorphs. Unfortunately, endomorphs have sluggish metabolism. I am not suggesting that ectomorphs cannot be fat. You will find several individuals who were lean–ectomorphs in their 20’s but having metamorphosed into fat slobs in their 30’s. It turns out that the same ectomorph has now transfigured into a balloon—endomorph. So the only way out for them is to be on the move. Get active and burn fat. Weight training and cardio are integrated to achieve the reduction of body fat.

Last but not the least; food is a major problem for endomorphs. They like to gorge food. They also prefer high fat and Starchy carbohydrate food stuffs. I believe most of them fail when it comes to healthy eating, for they cannot keep up to eating healthy calories in the long term. They lack the motivation. One of the reason is because endomorphs are, as I have stated before in a previous blog entry, jovial and easy going personalities. This makes it even more harder for them to realize that being fat may not be healthy and may prove to be a road to ill health and diseases.

These are some of the changes that are suggested: to be continued.
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