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Gaining Mass or Getting Lean

Whether you want to gain mass or get lean—reduce body fat, you have to be at your best in the gym and lookout for the food you eat. Of course, I speak in gym parlance.

Let’s say you want to build muscle. Now, if you want to beef up the chances are that you might gain some fat simultaneously. If the ratio is 8:2 or 7:3 that is if you gain 8 kilos of muscle and 2 kilos of fat then you are definitely on the right track. For you to gain weight you have to eat loads of food–especially protein. Yes, you also require carbohydrates in large quantities and healthy fats. There is no other way for you to get big. Eat, eat, and eat.

Moreover, whenever you think of gaining mass and strength you don’t think about a shredded midsection—six pack abdomen. Yes, you can, however, attain both if you are a beginner. The best part about being a beginner is that they can build muscle, reduce body fat, and increase their strength levels at the same time.

You should, nonetheless, beware to the fitness level you belong—beginner, intermediate, or advanced. A beginner can grow big in a short span. They, however, shouldn’t go overboard to lift big weights. Doing so may lead debilitating injuries. Moreover, for some obvious reasons beginners cannot hoist more weights—intramuscular tension, total time under tension, nervous system efficacy, etc. Beginners beware.

So the mantra is to lift big, eat big, and get big. Importantly, getting big is time consuming. Be prepared for the journey.

To be continued……

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