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Garden At Schools

How nice it would be to teach children about the importance of growing our own food!  It would be a great service to the society at large if we could follow this rule.  Every child then would be the part of the process of growing healthy, organic, food.  Moreover, that might nurture them to be valuable and responsible citizens.

Ironically, this will be a distant dream.   When the presence of a playground is a rarity in schools what do you think would be the possibility of possessing a vegetable garden in schools?  Ironically, all we see in schools is an upsurge of beautifully constructed and fully equipped superstructure in the place of playgrounds.  The answer to this query cannot be addressed in a single word or statement.  It’s a multifaceted problem.

However, a change can be brought by taking a collective decision.  A collective decision can only be possible by being creating awareness to one and all.    On a similar note, I am extremely glad to state that the Kerala government has decided to levy tax on junk food.  I believe this is a concrete step to bring awareness.

By the way, I am not digressing from the topic of discussion of this blog–fitness, as fitness and health are intertwined and you cannot separate one from the other.13650519_10209295552486467_778743164_n

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