Thanks to Ross for posting these videos in his blog.  He has posted three or four times about this lady, and I thought this is the right time to post it here, for it would encourage my gym clients–women– who have now progressed to lift heavy weights relatively.

The lady (Gayle) in the video is now nearly 67 years old.  What is more interesting is that she started lifting weights not before she was 60 years old.  Gradually the powerlifting bug caught her interest and since then she has been competing.   One of the adjoining video showcases her world record where she deadlifts 341 pounds.  The progress she has made over these years is mind boggling.   In the year 2007 she was able to deadlift 275 pounds, and as stated above she has deadlifted 341 pounds now, so we see that it has been a slow but steady progress.

Enjoy the videos.  Lastly, women should never hesitate to lift weights.  If you have started lifting weights early in your age, it will have a tremendous positive impact in leading a healthy lifestyle, which you will cherish for a lifetime.  I am not suggesting that old men and women should not lift weights, but when weight training started at an early age will have its benefits for many reasons, and for old folks, well, it is better late than never.















































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