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Getting Rid of Monday Blues

I as a child had Monday blues when I was going to school. HA! I believe it all started for I wasn’t good in studies. However, though I am passionately involved in a profession I like the most, I still have Monday blues.

I believe we all feel down on some days for unknown reasons. During those times it is for us to keep moving forward. Perhaps we will have days when we feel nothing is possible. However, we have to think in the long term, and thus not belittle ourselves.

I want you to watch this video. I hope it will help you to provide a ray of hope. At the least, it may help you to get out of the Monday blues. If it does, I will be glad.

2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Monday Blues

  1. A very inspirational video this is Sir! Only makes me realize that I too am no less than them, in fact I am provided with more resources than they were given, yet I am way far behind to reach my goal. These great personalities have made me re-think and to do something worthwhile and purposeful in life! It is time for me say goodbye to ‘Monday Blues’ and invite every day with spread arms!

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