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“Goals Are Just A Fantasy”

OH!  These are powerful words by Al Kavado-- I do agree when he says that goals are fantasy.  Most of the goals we reach don’t give us lasting happiness.  They are like a mirage.  The sooner or later you reach them you say, “This is it!”  Ironically, true indeed.  Unfortunately, we don’t enjoy the struggle to reach the goal.  Genuinely, that turns paramount than reaching the goal.

For example, in these 16 years of physical training I had seen many men performing the skin the cat with ease.  Each time I saw a man perform the movement, playfully, I said that I can never execute this movement.  However, a few months before, I got inspired and tried my luck.  After a few weeks of struggle I got the hang of it.  Now, I can perform the movement, but not with ease.  I scramble each time I perform.  Moreover, it gives me jitters when I imagine myself being upside down each time in that awkward position, and each time I do the movement my head spins.

However, right after I was able to execute the movement, though not perfectly, I should have felt proud.  For, I never thought that I could accomplish that.   Nonetheless, I felt splendid, which was momentary.

So, I feel goals are fantasy.  They are fleeting.  Perhaps, it would fit us best to enjoy the path to achieve the goal than wait for the momentary happiness.

You can view my skin the cat, struggling, video.

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