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Growth Begins at the End of your Comfort zone

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • September 30, 2013

Indeed true. We, however, are reluctant to believe this. It genuinely applies in a gym set up. You simply have to push yourself out of the comfort zone. Perhaps, there are some different words to coin it—progressive resistance, over load principle, overcompensation principle, etc. For example, say you perform 10 pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups each and every day. Can you expect to build a herculean physique with this routine? No, you cannot. You have to strive to do 11 repetitions, and after a few days 12 repetitions and then 13 repetitions. Also, you should attempt to include more strenuous workouts that give the biggest bang for the buck. In other words, you cannot execute some puny movements and expect big gains. You will have to push, pull, and lift big to get big.

Also, the pushing, pulling, and lifting has to progress. You cannot expect to grow by, merely, performing the right things at the gym. The only way out is to come out of the comfort zone to experience continued gains. In other words, increase the weight on the bar, or increase the resistance, or increase the intensity. You, however, shouldn’t compromise with the technique involved in executing the movement. As a gym junky you can easily get carried away.

Whatsoever, at the end of the tunnel we will see light. As it is said so. Yes, it also applies to every other aspects of life. In gym parlance, however, the comfort zone keeps modifying–upgrading itself. The struggle continues nonstop.

To be continued: What do you mean by overload principle, over compensation principle, increasing the resistance and intensity?

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  1. Offcourse.. we all suffer from disease called “Resistance to change”.. new things are hardly accepted in life, may it be gym or in any aspect of life… can term it as human tendency though.. But surely life begins the step outside our comfort zone.. Good one..!!!

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