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Gunasheela Inspires

This is Gunasheela who has been frequenting my gym since February 4th 2017. He was morbidly obese when he entered the gym.  He weighed 135 kilograms though he is only 5 feet 7 inches tall.  He was   pretty huge for his height! He had been a member of several gyms prior to joining Ironcult.  Working out in a gym can be boring.  For that reason, we spice up the routines in our gym, we like to keep our clients guessing.

However, Guna couldn’t commit to any of the previous gyms he had attended.   He said to me, “The routines bore me to death.”  Fortunately, he found my gym immensely inspiring.   He was motivated to come to the gym daily.  He initially lost around 10 kilos of his excess baggage.  His success also motivated his wife to join the gym.  When your spouse treads the same path, the chances of you sustaining the fitness lifestyle is greater.

At the same time, I was studying about ketogenic style of eating.  The scientific reasoning behind the keto style of eating was very persuasive.  However, keto was low on protein.   Fitness enthusiasts are notoriously known for consuming ample protein.  So a decrease in the daily consumption of protein is a big “no.”  The book I read, called Fat for Fuel, by Dr Mercola was similar to a keto diet and suggested minimizing protein. But, for all my weight lifting years, I have been consuming ample protein, and this has helped me in maintaining my muscle mass. And because of the protein’s thermic effect, it also has helped me to maintain a low body fat percentage. So I knew that protein was essential.

Fortunately, at the same time, I stumbled upon a great book called Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf.  Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist and a New York best-selling author.  This book is replete with tons of painstaking scientific research.   It also inspired me to go paleo in my eating, and as a result motivated my gym clients to do the same.  Many in the gym were interested in following this eating style. Among them were Guna and his wife.  As Robb Wolf says, it is paramount first to go no-grain for 30 days.   I found the importance of this within two weeks of following this diet.

Around 10 of my gym clients agreed to follow the plan.  Among them Guna was the one who  benefitted the most, as he lost 20 kilograms in a span of 100 days.  Right now, he weighs 105 kilograms, so he has lost 30 kilograms.   You can make that out in the picture below.  In turn, this transformation motivated several office colleagues of his wife to join the gym.   Many of her colleagues are frequenting our gym.  It’s heartening to see them sweating and panting!  I hope that they would continue the journey and perhaps think about the long-term.

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