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Gym Etiquette

  • By Vishwanthar on General

  • September 4, 2009

3 things to avoid while exercising.

1) Talking on the cell phone while exercising.

2) Reading news paper while exercising.

3) Chatting while exercising.

Talking on the cell phone while exercising.

Two of the above mentioned activities require the act of conversing which is very distracting to the mind. For example, you may really be affected if you get a distress telephonic call from someone while exercising. It will adversely affect your workouts, as  very quickly you can go out of focus . So talking in the cell phone should be avoided. It is most desirable to switch off the phone till you finish your workouts.

Reading newspaper while exercising.

This demonstrates that the one who is reading news paper is not concentrating enough on the workout at hand. Any individual who is serious about training will neither  read nor undertake any other activity other than completing the workout religiously. He/she at the most would like to hear some stimulating music which would rev up their workouts but rather spend worthless time reading a magazine.

Chatting while exercising

It is again one of the hindrances which can negatively affect your workout. Conversing about your workout with your workout partner is appreciated if it is done with good intention. Otherwise, chitchatting concerned to any other topic is uncalled for. Conversing will not help you in any way to concentrate better, rather it will show the sign that you are not working hard enough and not creating the mind body connection.

The above discussion may sound to be of very little significance, but it can make a huge difference in the results which you gain in the gym. If you happen to see men/women in your gym who are exercising seriously no doubt they are bound to have a better body than who is spending time on the cell phone, or reading news paper, or chatting while exercise. It is the intensity in your workouts which matter the most for better results, and how do you go about it is by concentrating better at the job at hand.

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    1. Prithwin, Most of the gym members and myself are very happy about you and your Brother, Ashwin, working out at Ironcult. You know that I have named you both as the legendary Brothers. No pun added. I have never seen any other guys working out as intense as you both do.

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