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Gym Ettiquette

HA!  Well, the fifth point is something that bothers me.  I ask my gym clients to bring a sweat towel with them, but many of them don’t listen to me.   However, I am extremely glad about my clients sharing the equipment—no egos there–the first point.  Nevertheless, on the contrary, I am not entirely happy when it comes to re-racking the weights.  Just like a school going child many of them need repeated admonition from me, and they continue to do……………….

There are a few college going gym clients who think gymming is a social hour-sixth point.  I hope they read this blog entry, and they will know whom I am referring to.   However, I am glad that these men don’t see the gym as a lounge–seventh point.  I believe I can’t complain about other gym rules, for my clients don’t disappoint me there.

Nonetheless, I have witnessed a few clients who provide unsolicited advice—tenth point.  You should know what to do—shut your mouth.  Lastly, we don’t have a locker room in the gym, so I have nothing to say about it.

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