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Gym is an Industry—a Paradox

A gym is not an industry. In an industry you work on the raw materials to derive the end product. For example, in a hotel industry the finished product is achieved instantly for the consumer’s disposable/consumption. Whereas, in tool manufacturing industries the finished product is attained after you work on the design, drawing, etc. It is a lengthy and tedious process unlike a hotel industry.

Do you think a gym works in a similar fashion? Do you mean to say that fat loss or muscle gain is achieved as the end product similar to an industry? Do you think that all this occurs mechanically? You mean to say that you are a machine and given all the raw materials the finished product is ready sooner or later. You mean to say that we are not living organisms but machines destined to produce results, whatsoever.

Allow me to narrate my story that stands as a paradox to whatever I have said. It almost took 7 0r 8 years to gain several pounds of mass on my physical frame. Thereafter it took me almost a year to be shredded. Note that I am a genetically gifted individual. Gaining mass and attaining a low body fat percentile was and is relatively easy. Altogether, it took me 9 years to stand at a body fat which was below 5 percent. Note that I could not have achieved the shredded look without gaining the poundage’s: for you to sculpt you need a stone.

I am as stated earlier belong to the genetically elite group; whereas, you might belong to the other end of the spectrum. What it takes is disciplined approach in your workouts, food intake—large quantity of protein, and taking proper restorative measures. It is after few or several years of such dedication you can dream of possessing a Herculean physique. You are not, by the way, a tool, and at the same time I am not an industry who delivers finished products.

People ask, “Hey, you tell me you are frequenting a gym and how come I can’t see any change?” You have to sarcastically tell them that the finished product will emerge sooner or later.

Don’t have high dreams when you join a gym. You have to tread small steps and try to reach the top. It is indeed laborious.

Gaining mass was always difficult for me, for I am not a foodie. You need to gulp large quantity of food.

Standing at below 5 percent bodyfat. IMG_4496

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  1. Hi sir.. the key here is the persistence an individual has towards his goal.. request you write something on how to build persistence in due course..

    The pics are absolutely fantastic..

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