Hats Off Mate!

The man in the video is one of my dedicated gym clients who turned the table within a span of 3 months.  Although he was frequenting the gym from a longtime—3 years or so, he wasn’t serious about possessing a good physique.  When I asked him about that he said that he was very much in love to own ripped athletic physique but his engineering exams always came in between.  So, he planned to build his dream physique after the exams.

Right after completing his engineering exams he earnestly planned to fulfill his dream.  He drew a deadline of three months and started writing a journal about his food intake.   I have attached the journal for your perusal.  Meanwhile, I insisted on the importance of protein to him when he asked me about the diet.  I said to him that every meal of his should include some amount of protein.  So he did.    You look up the journal—chart you can see that P refers to protein—eggs, meat, whey, etc– and C refer to casein which is a type of protein.   You will also see that he openly states himself whenever he is not consuming protein.  It reminded him to be strict about his diet; particularly, not to miss protein.

On a similar note, maintaining a food journal is paramount if you have a specific goal in your mind.  It may sound unimportant but on a practical note it’s crucial and serves you better.  It speaks loudly about your pitfalls.  Moreover, you will know where you are lacking.

Likewise, he also protested about many naysayers who had inflicted sever criticism.   That would hurt him badly, and that is when he decided he would prove them wrong.  The plan he constructed for himself, the three months deadline and the food journal, assisted him immensely in construing his plan.  Now he flaunts an eye-catching physique which shuts the mouth of his naysayers.

Hats off mate!

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  1. I could only see ‘commitment’ and ‘dedication’. A positive change needs a fierce support and response from both, the teacher and the taught! Kudos to the positive lifestyle!

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