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Here Is Dominic For You Again.

You have heard of Dominic before, as I had written about this man in a previous entry. Dominic was born in 1941 and if you see him going through his workout routines, you will never feel he is 67 years old. What interested me more was his approach towards training. If you view the video, you will realize that he is a genuine follower of functional training, for you will see him throwing, lifting, rotating, and kicking the tyre. He astutely creates his own way of routines which is really appreciable. In this era where we are swamped by endless bodybuilding routines, we get to see a man who is writing his own rules. We all should take lead from this man. At the end of this video he flaunts his physique very proudly and rightly so, for many of us will be ashamed, as at his ripe age he displays far less fat than we all do.  This man will  truly continue to inspire me.

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