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High Repetition Squat

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • December 16, 2015

I often perform a high rep squat set at the end of my squat sets.  The science behind such high repetition training says that it fires up the mitochondria, increases the capillary density, and more importantly helps in fat loss.  Whatsoever the scientific reason I love to execute them as they make me feel weak.  It’s the one of the most humbling experience.  Moreover, when something makes you feel down to earth it’s a great thing, I suppose.    Nonetheless, the size gains and more importantly the functional benefit you derive from it is phenomenal.  But, I say it’s better said than done.

Moreover, the weight you load on the bar is relative.  However, the last five repetitions should be extremely difficult to complete, and I can bet that  executing  high repetition squats  can make you mentally very strong.   Beginners however beware, for I believe neophytes should not try to attempt executing high repetition squat or for that matter even a high repetition deadlift.  They both are a big no.

Last but not the least, performing high repetition squat can increase your weight-loading capacity and more importantly help to break your plateaus.  For example, the high repetition squat unfailingly strengthens the posterior chain.    You should know that a powerful posterior chain is paramount to get stronger and to stay injury free.

PS:  Most of my gym clients frequently perform the high repetition squat, and at the end of it they are all exhausted.  I hope they recognize the benefit they derive from it.

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