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Hook Grip

  • By Vishwanthar on Training

  • January 11, 2011

Olympic Lifts, the snatch and clean and jerk are executed using a hook grip.  Handling heavy weights on the Olympic lifts is much easier with a hook grip.  In a regular grip when you are handling heavy weights there is tendency of the bar to roll out of your hands.  Overcoming the tendency for the bar to slip out of your hands can be prevented by using what is termed the hook-grip.  The hook-grip is nothing more than encircling the thumb around the bar with the forefinger and middle fingers overlapping the thumb.

Initially, when I started employing the hook grip while practicing the Olympic lifts, my thumbs were in pain even when I was handling the barbell.  But after a few days I was accustomed to the pressure and had developed immunity to this pain.  I can now appreciate the hook grip for I am able to handle heavyweights on high pulls and power snatches.

Few lifters execute the deadlift with a hook grip and have efficaciously lifted more weights, for they have broken plateau’s after employing the hook grip.  I have yet to try the hook grip for the deadlift, for I can share my thoughts on its competence.

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    Great going.

    Wish you had a training centre at Sanjaynagar. I would love to visit after my early morning walks. I did see your blog on the bit about walking although I am not sure you are absolutely right! Maybe I am partly wrong.



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