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How Old is Really Old?

Tsumoto Tosaka is a 74 year old bodybuilder from Japan. He possesses a very well sculpted physique which would surprise a bodybuilder who is 50 or 40 years younger to him. It is easy for anyone to envy his physique, as he is in amazing shape at this ripe age. He spells out a message which should be loudly and clearly heard by everyone and particularly people who has crossed the 50 mark and brooding that they have reached the end of their journey; he says, “More importantly I would like to tell senior citizens that anyone can stay healthy if they exercise from time to time.”

What is more interesting in this story is that Tsumoto Tosaka didn’t lift weights until he was in his 40’s. So, we see that the message is very clear. By the way, have people forgotten the search engine called Google? You are just a click away to view similar stories in the computer and stand on the shoulders of our giants who did what they said in their respective fields. The preceding metaphor means that we need to follow the footsteps of our heroes, and in this context our heroes are Tsumoto Tosaka, Dominic, and Sister Madonna Buder.

It is really pathetic to see men and women who have crossed the 50 mark, as they reinforce on themselves that it is not for them to exercise and thus succumb to too many diseases. It is high time we wake up from our deep slumber and benefit from physical exercise. Listen to the man in the video who is the Japan’s Masters Bodybuilding Champion. It is time we take cue from such living legends.

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