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How To Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Have you joined a professional college or a job at some far off place, if so you might be noticing that your weight is climbing the ladder and you can also see that your pants are tightening up. What do you think the problem is? Why are you gaining fat at a rapid rate? Physical inactivity is the answer.

As long as you were in school your were physically active playing some sport, and perhaps that would have continued in your college days too. But for some who join professional colleges or job places which are very far from their homes travelling turns out to be a difficult task, and invariably they would be short of time, for they stop reasoning about their diet or physical activity. It means both diet and exercise go haywire. Lack of activity coupled with improper eating adds up to gain more fat. In addition, it should be known that metabolism is at a faster rate for a teenager when compared to their older counterparts: The more you age your metabolism slacks.

What do you think is the best way to rev up your metabolism? Well, after you reading my answer might find me like a chauvinistic who is aggressively marketing weight training. Well, the truth is that scientific studies have pointed towards weight training to be the best to fire up your metabolism. Moreover, revving up the metabolism is anti-aging. I would love to see older men and women involved in weight training, for weight training is an assured means towards gaining back their health and fitness for men, women, and older people. Weight training is not only for the young as it is taught to be, but anyone can benefit from it provided they don’t have life-threatening illnesses.

2 thoughts on “How To Speed Up Your Metabolism?

  1. There are so many more benefits of weight training, it is beleived you burn fat long after you have done strength training and as you cross your 30’s every decade 10% of your muscle mass reduces thus lowering your metabolism and hence weight gain.

    1. Exactly. Weight training has immense benefits. Yes, your metabolism slacks after 30, and there the benefits of weight training are great, for it revs up the metabolism which is unmatched.

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