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Humans Should Move

I read in Ido Portal’s latest Facebook entry that he includes regular sprinting in training his clients and students. Ido tells sprinting is an integral part of their training and that it should not be abandoned. Well, humans I suppose were meant to run perhaps in short burst for several reasons. One reason is to run away at great speed from the impending danger. For example, if you go back few thousands of year’s humans would have to run helter-skelter to escape from the man hunting lions or tigers.

This is challenged, however, by Christopher McDoughall in his book Born to Run. The author states that long distance running is in tune to human bodies than sprinting. Well, I would say to you to take a grain of sand from these findings. I would say run, if you want to run either for long distances or sprint. It doesn’t matter. I genuinely believe that running is one of the primordial movement patterns to have existed. Why is it primordial? Instinctively, humans consider that running is one of the best means to get fit. Ask a man who has gained excess fat that how he wants to shed the fat? Most of them will, invariably, state that they would achieve that by running.

Ido and I may be biased as we prefer sprinting. Ido says sprinting is an essential human skill. I feel that sprinting makes you to feel a lot younger than you are. I suppose that is an important required prerequisite. Nothing can be farther from the truth, however. It is you who has to take the final call.

Either it is long distance running or sprinting, include running as a part of your training—you will have no regrets. Humans were meant to run, lift, carry, throw, climb, and move in several ways. I believe if you achieve this, perhaps, that makes you a complete human being. It is essential to nourish and challenge your body by physical movement. It is however unfortunate that the present day humans are being excessively challenged mentally, and we are experiencing the devastation—several physical and mental ailments and suicide deaths.

Now, I believe you are a human being, as you are able to read what I write. In that case start moving if you are not.

7 thoughts on “Humans Should Move

  1. Hi sir., i have a question after reading this thought provoking post.,

    Why dont we incorporate running as part of our gym training everyday?


  2. And also Running does not increase appetite …….
    And i believe its not recommended daily to run for those who are suffering with slip disc……
    if running is done alternative days…. Is it ok Sir ?????

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