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I am Aging, Should I slow down?

I believe you would have watched this video in Facebook.  However, I will post it here for you to view.  I am impressed at his effortless approach to climb a tree, and switch from one to another tree easily.  Moreover, the last part of the video is breathtaking.

What is the take home message?  Age is just a number.  Importantly, you use it or you lose it.  The human body craves for activity, so nourish your body with daily dose of physical exercise.  Move your body, for it can become obsolete.  Moreover, the human body is much more capable of performing great physical feats.  Don’t undermine the human body and allow physicality to take a back seat, for you age.  You will see in the video that a 75 year old man shows the agility of a teenager.  He is marvelous, and I don’t think age has slowed him down.  If he has not slowed down why should we?

Lastly, I will quote Dr Kenneth Cooper.  He rightly says, “We do not stop exercising because we grow old – we grow old because we stop exercising.”

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