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“If you can’t do it today, what makes you think you can do it tomorrow?”

Well, what can we further say about this statement. It definitely is a slap on the face. Yusuf Thura candidly says this. By the way, Yusuf Tura is a motivational speaker.

I believe Yusuf is targeting the procrastinators. Rightly so, my friend! Procrastinators generally can be found in everyone. I have heard many of my previous gym clients say that they would start gymming from the 1st of the next month or the coming Monday. Some of them say that they would start from tomorrow. Believe me; several of these men don’t turn up.

Going by the words of Yusuf you should say that you will start from now. A friend of mine who frequents my gym and who was also my gym partner for several years when we started lifting weights, rightly says, “You cannot postpone and delay further. You have to say to yourself that it is from now or never.” Yes, it is now or never. Moreover, my friend was being truthful. I have witnessed him join the gym, after brief breaks, several times in the end of a month. It didn’t matter to him whether it was the 1st of the month or a Monday.

You alone can decide whether it is today or tomorrow and rewrite your destiny.

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