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Imitating Others

The statement by Bruce Lee is one of the most thought provoking and profound pieces I have read.  I felt my clothes ripped off and I standing stark naked.   However, how true what the Master says.  Yes, we often feel safe while are imitating others.  Not so while we are on our own.  Yet, one who stands alone and follows his gut is the bravest among all.  Yes for sure, for he faces the adversity not with support he derives from others but from standing alone.

We are all in a rat race knowingly or unknowingly.   Being in a rat race is in other words to imitate others.  Nonetheless, there are very few of them who have followed their heart and passion.  The so called rate race never bothers them.  They know that they are all alone and have to tread the journey all by themselves.  Ironically, we all tend to embrace the safe route which we easily acquire by imitation.  However, I believe standing alone makes us much stronger.  What do you say?

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  1. Yep.. Thats true.. But knowing whats your true passion is the key.. A lot many people dont really know what their true passion is all about..!!

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