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Imitating Rocky

This is very hilarious.  I assume that the child in the video is a huge fan of Rocky.  The way the child responds when it sees Rocky in the television, it’s apparent that the baby has witnessed the movie several times.  I am not suggesting that it is orchestrated, but I feel the baby has watched it several times.  I am also forced to believe that the parents of the child are also rocky fans.

On a similar note, even I am a Rocky movie fan.  I don’t know how many times my daughter and I have watched the movies.  We both continue to watch it whenever the movies are played in television channels. I especially love the part one, which to me is made straight from the heart. It surprises me to know that Rocky part one was made in the year 1976—the year I was born.  However, the movie doesn’t stop to inspire the present generation too.

Similarly, the famed Ross Enamait,, is blessed with two children.  Ross is a prime example who talks the walk.  He thrives on a fitness lifestyle.   It’s wonderful to watch his children walk his footsteps.  They both embrace the fitness lifestyle, as they both excel in their respective sport.  I believe and observe that a lot also depends on the parenting, for kids truly imitate the parents.   The earlier you introduce your children to physical activity the better.  Moreover, the parents also have to set up the right example by embracing the fitness lifestyle.  You cannot be a lazy-fat slob and demand your children to be physically fit. An oxymoron right!

Watch the video and see the child go crazy and imitate rocky.

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