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Importance Of Goals.

I bring in an excellent article, which speaks about goal setting. Majority of us will benefit if we have goals in our life. It can be either a short term or a long term goal, but in general they help us to organize our lives for the better.
When it comes to gym parlance, having goals is a definite way to gauge your progress. I will speak more on goals relating to fitness in my next blog entry. Meanwhile, enjoy the write up which speaks on goals, for it definitely provides some food for thought.

This week’s read is about the importance of GOALS . . .

Not sure if this is a true story – but it goes like this – in 1963, some behavioural scientists performed an experiment with the graduating class of Harvard Business School. They asked the students if they had written down goals for themselves. Their goals of life. For the future. On paper.

A mere 3 percent of the class had actually written down goals. Yes. Just 3 percent.

Well, twenty five years later, the scientists again got in touch with the class of ’63. To find out how they had done in their careers. And in their lives.

And guess what ?

They found that the net worth of the 3 percent of the class that had written down goals was MORE than the net worth of the rest of that batch. Not just that; the 3 percent written-down-goalwallahs seemed to be happier, doing what they wanted and leading far more fulfilling lives.

Incredible. But, I believe, it’s true. And it could be true for all of us.

What are your goals? What do you want to achieve? What do you want to be, have, do? In life. At work. In relationships. Whatever it be, write it down. Now. Just write it down. Not later, not tomorrow – now!

And commit yourself to action. Commit yourself to doing what it takes to achieve your goals. Take action. Make sure that everything you do is taking you closer to your goals. (if it isn’t, don’t do it.)

And finally, take a step today. however small it may be, but take that first step today. if you want to lose weight, walk that 45 minute walk – today! if you want to be the best salesperson, make that extra sales call – today!

You’ll see the difference. As the Nike guys would say, just do it.

It takes just three steps.

Step One: Write down your goals.

Step two: Make a commitment to action, to doing what it takes.

Step three: Take the first step. Today!

Come on, make a beginning. You owe it to yourself. And you have nothing to lose.

REMEMBER: What are your goals? What do you want to be, have do? Whatever it be, write it down.

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  1. this is one real good article sir.. every word is so true.. infact, i can connect to it very well.. thanks for a nice article sir.. 🙂

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