Ironcult » Inspiration » “Inaction saps the vigor of the mind.” Leonardo da Vinci.

“Inaction saps the vigor of the mind.” Leonardo da Vinci.

I endorse the views by the master painter. Moreover, I also believe that inaction will sap the vigor of the body. Indeed, this is true. Any problem of the mind will eventually show up on the body. In many cases, when people are suffering from depression, we will come to find that they are suffering from some form of physical ailment. I believe you will second the thoughts of Napoleon Hill when he says, “Whatever the mind of man conceives and believes, it can achieve.” Similarly, it can also be said that fostering damaging thoughts can lead to a negative outcome.

The statement, “ An idle mind is a devils workshop” has to be considered seriously. Similarly, as Voltaire says, “Indolence is sweet, but its consequences bitter” is also a thought which has to be considered seriously. Leading an inactive life will lead to many other ailing ramifications. Inactivity not only runs down your physical health, but also saps your mental health. Listen to the words of the master painter—be active.

Leonardo da Vinci self protrait.

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